One of the important factors of plant survival in the hot climate of Greece is correct irrigation. Depending on the application the correct irrigation method is used.


Surface Drip lines /Drippers



Our company designed and installed amongst many other projects the irrigation of the flat area of the New Athens Hippodrome. The system was fully automated and irrigated on area of 160.000m2 using pop-ups with a radius of 38m. Pipeline and pop ups were installed and the area was hydroseeded. The project was executed and completed within 2 months. A vegetative matrix with 100% coverage was established within 3 months.





We installed more than 140.000m2 of underground dripper system. We were the first Landscaping Contractor to install an underground watering system at such an extensive length in the public sector in Greece.


Some of the advantages of subsurface irrigation are:


  • Water consumption economy up to 25-30% in comparison to conventional methods.
  • Drip lines cannot be vandalized
  • Watering can be executed either day or night.
  • Wind, pedestrians etc do not hinder the execution of the irrigation.
  • Roads safety is not in danger due to run off water.




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